Attention coaches, solo-preneurs, small business owners, online marketers who are ready to launch their next website or product….

Are you feeling frustrated, discouraged and overwhelmed with technology?  

Does this sound like you…..

  • Are you pulling your hair out with frustration trying to learn new technology?
  • Do you know the difference between and
  • Are you confused about which one you should be using?
  • Are you trying learn html and wasting precious time?
  • Are you stuck every time you log in to the backend of your content management system?
  • Are you frustrated trying to set up your ezine and autoresponders?
  • Do you know what shopping cart to use or even if you really need one?
  • Do you want to add a membership site or a forum?

Do you just want to get it done?

You have exciting ideas about building your online presence but you are completely overwhelmed by the thought of putting all the pieces into place.  Just where do you start? How do you do it? Why can’t it be simple?

You’ve come to this page because you’ve been searching for answers to these questions.

Great news -
we can help you put those pieces together quickly,
easily, painlessly and very affordably.

Virginia,…not only did you ease my conscience and make the experience exciting, we had some good laughs to share. It was a joy working with you. Working with you has given me the confidence I needed to pursue this ‘unique’ avenue/profession. Your ideas and suggestions and one-on-one training have managed to get me ‘psyched’ on all sorts of different levels, especially since I am entering a world full of incredible competition and unbelievable talent. It has been such a ‘breeze’ discussing with you how to put my ‘best foot’ forward and bounce ideas back and forth that will put me in the best possible light. Thank you for everything.
And may I say, even though initially the domain name you gave me was just an ‘example”,….the bottom line is,…. it is pure brilliance.
Denise Pearson
Johnny Depp Look-alike

We offer a safe place for you to learn. With our one-on-one training you will gain the knowledge you are seeking.

We will work with you closely, give you confidence, the knowledge and the training at the level that is best for you. We will take you step-by-step make sure that you understand all of the areas you must know to build your web presence.

Whether you just want a basic understanding of how the systems work or if you want to learn how to do it all yourself, we can help you.

Check out the Don’t Sweat The Tech Stuff programs here.

We are also available to take care of those “just can’t figure it out” projects so you can use your time to concentrate on those important tasks like prospecting customers and generating income.

Check out all of our services offered here.

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